Mobile devices are revolutionizing the business landscape. Don’t fall behind. Mobile Architect is a rapid mobile application-publishing platform that assists businesses entering the smartphone revolution. Want to take advantage of the mobile channel? Now’s your chance. Easy and effective, let our application do the heavy lifting.

Custom Design Tailored for Your Company

We give you a set of beautiful templates, ready to use right out of the box. Or make a custom template of your own in just a few clicks with our appearance editor. Select a preset color palette or select your own fonts, colors and layouts to create the custom design of your choice.

Cutting-Edge Creative Tools

Our groundbreaking layout and design technology gives you the freedom to create visually stunning pages all by dragging & dropping.

Real-Time Audience Insights

Easily access your analytics, view downloads of your mobile app, and keep up with visitors in real-time – all within your app.

Multi-Platform Support

Use one application to synchronize content across all mobile platforms.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android Mobiles
  • Android Pads
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows 8 Pads

Are You Ready?

Deployment usually takes an average of 72 hours depending on the customizations required.

Mobile Emulator

Ready to view and touch your app? Download our Mobile Emulator app and see how your application will look and feel before it goes live.

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Reseller Opportunities

“Mobile Architect truly is a marketing-focused group. The disciplinary focus on my brand proved to have value beyond what I ever imagined. They understood my target audience and completely developed a brand that communicates my message in a creative fashion.”

Hosting, Maintenance, & Monitoring are all on us!

Evolution. Give your business the success it deserves.

Lets get started!

Let EVOLUTION optimize your business’ success.