The Evolution Core Platform is a set of comprehensive components that integrate, connect and extend enterprise applications that enable them to utilize internal systems driven by a customized presentation layer.

Platform Architecture

The EVO architecture is designed to be the glue that integrates smoothly with existing enterprise infrastructures comprised of middleware, application servers, databases, packaged software, and legacy.



Presentation Layer

Evolution has designed and integrated a specialized version of the user interface that integrates smoothly with the IBM content navigator framework.



Business on The Go

Companies need to make decisions on the fly with accurate and reliable data. Our mobile module provides that and more in an era when it’s demanded.



Quick Deployment

Deployment usually takes an average of 30 days or less depending on the customizations required.



Security & Encryption

Security was taken into very serious consideration when building the Evolution platform. Our engineers have developed a secure infrastructure that is able to defend any potential threat.


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