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Strategy | Mobile | Development | Branding

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Web Design | Strategy | Branding

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Mark Lewis

Strategy | Mobile | Development | Branding

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UX + Mobile App

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A better user experience is better business. Drive customer engagement, increase satisfaction, and raise ROI.

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Social Mosaic

Every image tells a story. Let your followers be a part of your story. Live social media feeds, powered by the people.

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Mobile Architect

Mobile is the #1 way to interact with customers on the go. We give you the tools to do it better.

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Marketing Arm

Your marketing department evolved. Our creative experts work for you to build memorable marketing experiences.

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User Experience Design

Let your designs work for you and make them your own. Whether you are designing newsletters or company emails, get noticed.

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Mobile / Tablet

We build and design applications that work across multiple mobile and tablet platforms. Let us help you create engaging mobile and experiences.

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Brand Development

We provide complete branding solutions that communicate your company’s culture, values, and style. Evolution is how local companies become global brands.

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We design, create, and curate cutting-edge digital experiences. While we have an expertise in four practice areas, there are no silos here.


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Six reasons to work with Evolution

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  • #YouFirst

    We’re 100% independent and owner-managed. That means we have the power to put you first.

  • #WeCare

    We care about our clients and their successes. We treat our clients like family. Most of our clients are returning customers.

  • #CreativeTalents

    Dedicated digital and creative talents are working on your project to help it evolve in every direction. With offices around the globe, we work on your behalf day and night.

  • #GreatWork

    We have no sales team. We don’t need to sell our services. We just do great work.

  • #BrandGrowth

    We know how to play digital for brand value. We love seeing brands grow.

  • #VisionaryThinking

    Expert creative, technological, strategic, and visionary thinking is our promise. And it’s our brand. Work with Evolution, and your evolution is inevitable.

Evolabs is an idea generator. It is a lab to share designs, technology, and ideas. We encourage discussion and feedback, and hope to inspire new ideas. We believe the best ideas come through synergy.


What Makes A Great User Interface?

It’s important to first understand what makes a quality user interface.


Enterprise software begins its beautification:

Beautiful enterprise software is not the oxymoron it once seemed.


Social Mosaic

Our new product Social Mosaic is our new event social engagement platform.

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