Company Overview

We are an interactive experience company that has been revolutionizing the digital landscape since 2001. Always advancing, always improving, always refining. This is our mission and this is EVOLUTION.

We bring a team of the best thinkers, engineers, visionaries, and designers. We bring them together in a symbiotic relationship that infuses artistic design with innovative technology. We bring a level of perfection that blurs the line between product and experience. We exemplify character. Built on trust, focus, and originality, we have been designing exceptional digital experiences since our inception.

Our Evolution Timeline

Where we began

Our Evolution

EVOLUTION, originally Web Rhino Internet, was founded by Tamer Abdel, while Tamer attended college in Southern California. Initially the company started as two separate businesses: one unit designed websites and web applications, and the other unit served as a web-hosting provider. The company was run from a couple of bedrooms in Tamer’s parent’s house in Los Angeles. At the time, the only plan was to create and explore the new digital frontier.


The Acquisition

The Acquisition

During a four-year span our web-hosting unit witnessed great successes. Specializing in Windows hosting, we were sought out for our exceptional service, support, and our popular reseller plans. With over 3,000 customers and well over 15,000 hosted domain names, a larger ISP in Houston, TX acquired us. The acquisition allowed us to focus on doing what we do best: designing digital experiences.




We grew as a business. We put in processes. We won new clients, set ambitious targets, and hit them all. However, we realized that our brand didn’t reflect who we were anymore. We had evolved. The Web Rhino brand had served us well but we decided to re-launch with a new name, identity, a more defined mission, and a set of values that really reflected what we were about. Now we are EVOLUTION.


Rapid Growth

Rapid Growth

We needed to grow the team. We had won many great projects and clients were coming back for more. We hired new designers, developers, project managers, and copywriters to help us cope with the workload and drive the company forward. We rapidly evolved from a staff of four to twelve, focusing on bringing in talented people who were ready to push us forward.




We joined our venture capital partners and invested in new technologies that aligned with client and industry needs. One of our first successful ventures was a rapid mobile application-publishing platform called Mobile Architect that assists small businesses as they enter the smartphone revolution.


New Office

New Office

As we continued to get busier, clients wanted to come and see us, so we decided to move to larger office space in our hometown of Valencia, CA. We found a space that allowed us all to work together and have client meetings in a more professional context. Later that year we began using a creative meeting space in the middle of Los Angeles that offers 180-degree views of the city including the world-famous Hollywood sign.


It’s all about evolution

Our Future

We love being innovative and creating amazing products and solutions for our clients. We keep our grit by being adaptive and responsive in this ever-changing digital landscape. We’ll continue to drive the agency forward through innovation, vision, and hard work. We are EVOLUTION.

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Our Vision

Since day one, we have been at the forefront of the digital frontier. We believe success comes not just by keeping up, but by staying ahead. We are digital pathfinders. And we will continue to lead the way. This is EVOLUTION.

Tamer Abdel -ceo

Our Philosophy

Bringing your vision to life is what we do best. We are a company driven by ideas. Our goal is to not only help you realize your creative vision, but to help you expand it.


This is why we are here. This is why we are EVOLUTION. We do exactly what we believe. We believe in helping you evolve. We believe in bringing out the best in you. We believe in bringing your company into the future. This is our brand. This is EVOLUTION.

Our Studio

We are global. While others sleep, we are working for you.


Our global agency has offices in Los Angeles, Dubai, and Karachi. Our size enables us to manage issues as they occur. With studios located around the globe, you’ll enjoy the efficiency of 24-hour workdays, and economies of both scale and geography.

Our Company Culture

We are a global, futuristic company poised perfectly for the growing global market- place. We are a close-knit, international agency with arms extended across oceans.


A few photos from our global studios. These are the faces behind our work. We enjoy a lot working together and clients that can be seen in our collective efforts have appreciated our work. We make each project to be fun as well for our clients.

Evolution. Give your business the success it deserves.

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