Tamer Abdel

CEO / Creative Director

"The client relationship is more than just that - it's a delicate partnership. It's most certainly a friendship. It's only through the comfort you create with a client that allows you to be open to all ideas; that allows creativity to flow unrestricted with no judgments in place. It's then, that every element comes together- design, art, and functionality - for the perfect result."


Tamer Abdel is the CEO and driving force behind Evolution, which he founded in Los Angeles in 2001. As the CEO and Creative Director of the company, he spearheads every project the firm undertakes. Mr. Abdel's extensive experience in interactive design and technology has fueled his vision for Evolution. Mr. Abdel is responsible for the creative vision of Evolution. He works to create user-centered solutions and innovative web experiences. He loves helping companies create revolutionary digital media experiences.

With over 14 years of creative branding and technology experience, Mr. Abdel has played leading roles in Internet and Mobile technology companies. He currently serves as CEO of two organizations: The Evolution Business Group Inc. & Mobile Architect Inc. He specializes in strategic marketing, brand Development, Mobile Applications, RIM (Records Information Management), Web/Desktop Applications, and Web site design.

For Tamer Abdel, being an entrepreneur runs in the family. His father is a self-made man who moved to America from Egypt and started his own successful aerospace company. Tamer spent his early days on the oversized computer of his father's small office. He wasn't interested in the machine shop. He was interested in taking the computer apart, exploring the workings of the hard drive and its software. But Tamer's experience growing up as a part of a family business would shape his future business practices. Years later, when Tamer built his companies, he treated his colleagues and clients like family. This family-business sensibility has been one of the greatest sources of his business successes.

It isn't surprising that Tamer now runs companies that explore the ever-growing digital frontier. For fun, Tamer plays basketball and mentors youth through his foundation.

On the company's continued evolution, Tamer said, "The way I see things, a lot of things are interconnected. Web presence, social media, Mobile applications-all have their own ecosystems. Developing one ecosystem that communicates to all of the touch points, bringing those disparate things together, that's what we do. That's Evolution."

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