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Before jumping into design, we carefully mapped out all of the content and defined two critical components: the Wireframes and Site Map. The top priorities for this project were smooth browsing and an entertaining content experience. We thus focused on the artful meshing of creative content and seamless connection.


A smoothly-detailed handoff to the design team is easily the most critical step. The wireframes ensure the well-laid plans meet full fruition.


Simple is always better. We designed the Netfast mobile site to look and feel like the Netfast.com brand. And then we refined and extended the design and look to bring a clean, sophisticated visual experience. The updated design allows the rich content offering to shine through and create a visual personality all its own. Open Netfast on your mobile or tablet, and Netfast never looked so good.

Search-Engine Friendly

Netfast came to Evolution with a great deal of knowledge on Internet marketing, but wanted help migrating to a more search engine-friendly URL structure with the new CMS. The team at Evolution and Walker Sands understood the importance of having a Google-friendly architecture and wanted to ensure that their high search rating would remain intact even when we created the new URL.

Content Management

Behind the design work, there was a significant amount of technical work to make this website a success. We elected to build the site using the worlds most popular content management system, WordPress.

We leveraged the open source technologies to build an intelligent CMS that interlinks the web pages with each other. The end result was a highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, memorable website experience all self-managed by the Netfast marketing team.

The teamwork made it all happen.

It’s all about teamwork.

Building a serious web presence takes teamwork. Evolution collaborated with the Walker Sands Firm to achieve our client’s goals.

We used video chat, screen sharing, daily meetings, and Basecamp as we collaborated with three offices in three cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dubai. Our global offices have a unique advantage; it means we can work 24-hour days on any project.

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Evolution plans to see a great increase in Brand loyality, SEO and user satisfaction, and we are confident that our hard work and tough decisions helps the brand become the primary destination for businesses who are looking to use technology to advance. Working with Netfast was a great learning experience as well. For one, we greatly improved our approach to evaluating and analyzing self managed content systems, which greatly impacts the overall strategy and approach.

We learned how to leverage swift loading HTML techniques to ensure the user feels a distinct sense of speed and performance while browsing the content. We were able to design some tricky features such as the partner filter and came up with innovative ways to navigate the website. The end product is a smartly designed and easy to navigate, we feel it is the industry’s finest web presence.

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