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about pathfinder

PATHFINDER is an organization that helps youth build paths to better futures through sports and education. We’ve worked with them on multiple fronts: from building websites to copywriting, from designing unique logos to building branded social media experiences. And we did it all with their unique vision and path in mind.

marketing materials

The first order of business was to create the messaging for their major annual event, an event that engaged youth and their communities. The tone of the event was inspirational. But it involved teens and so it needed a creative “cool” style. We designed the look accordingly. After several options we settled with the motto: BEYOURSELF. We wanted to encourage teenagers to become leaders.

co-branded sponsorship

We branded the event with tailored imagery and used similar taglines and logo with PATHFINDER’s dedicated websites. Each website was assembled to fit smart phone devices.

event and donation websites

We created the imagery for the event and designed a dedicated online home, promoting the event and sponsors. All websites were constructed to fit onto smart phone devices

social media engagement

We introduced a social media product for PATHFINDER’s event that perfectly matched the event’s guests and goals. We used our social mosaic product to increase social engagement at the event. Guests could take photos tweet & hash tag #PATHFINDERNY, and see their social media stream live on the big TV screens. The result: social media engagement increased 100 percent from the previous year.

post-event engagement

We are always thinking ahead. After the event we reviewed all the various footage from the event and created a video for PATHFINDER. It naturally created marketing materials for future events and was another opportunity to reconnect with the guests by reminding them of their experiences with PATHFINDER.

sponsor support

Captured and Shared

PATHFINDER’s annual event in Brooklyn brings local teenagers in the same room with major celebrities. That makes for some great moments. We made sure to capture the moments, and share them across all of PATHFINDER’s social media.

we contributed too!

We love working with companies whose visions we can get behind. And PATHFINDER is one of those companies. We contributed time and money.

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